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Two visions of american motorcycling


THE HALCYON 250 honors designs from American motorbiking’s golden age. A lean and long tank design, full-grain saddle seat, leading-link front suspension, and a powerful 250cc single-cylinder engine create a sense of connection with the motorcycle and road not found in any other production motorcycle today. 

Built with the cafè racer in mind, the PHOENIX 250 takes its styling cues from Grand Prix motorcycles of the 50s and 60s. Constructed around the signature Janus “featherbed” chassis, which was inspired by Norton Manxes of the 1950’s, the Phoenix is our take on a more aggressive look with a focus on handling and performance.


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Janus Leather & Canvas

Our line of hand-made leather & waxed-canvas gear is designed for motorcyclists. 
Each bag is made by the same craftsman who creates the leather seats and saddlebags on our motorcycles.
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