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We've had great success with our 50cc Halcyon 2-stroke. After many iterations, it has evolved and grown - just as we have. But now it's time to re-incarnate our business to become more sustainable. It's time to make something better. It's time to build new motorcycles designed to connect with people... and connect & support more people in the process. That's the core of our mission, after all. You can help support our next chapter by pre-ordering your very own Phoenix 250 or Halcyon 250, or through our crowdfunding campaign. Each hand-crafted incentive reflects our values & design sense. (read on for more info):
What, exactly, does this next chapter include? We've got a busy (and amazing) year ahead of us, which includes (but isn't limited to):
  • Designing and building two new motorcyles for full production and distribution.
  • Submitting these two new motorcycles for EPA approval so we can expand our reach and our riders' maps.
  • Renovating our shop to allow for a leaner and meaner production line and schedule.
  • Rebuilding and expanding our "digital garage" for better customer support & networking, better access to us and our production, and more configuration and ordering options.
Want to be a part of our next chapter? Our kickstarter campaign is full of custom moto-inspired leather & canvas goods, handcrafted by the same people who create our full-grain leather seats and saddlebags.

A successful campaign will help launch our new motorcycles and the new, better (but not too different) Janus Motorcycles.

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The Grand-Prix Inspired
Phoenix 250cc
Devin's brainchild, the Phoenix 250 is a modern take on classic racing bikes of the 60's and 70's. A lean and aggressive stance, rear-sets, nimble rear suspension, innovative leading-link front suspension, featherbed frame, and powerful 250cc single-cylinder engine all combine to create a one-of-a-kind riding experience and a second-to-none feeling of speed and agility. Be one of the first riders of this singular bike. Customize & pre-order today.
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Same Soul. New Guts.
The Halcyon 250cc
The Halcyon 250 reflects Richard's classical education in architecture and art, honoring designs from American motorbiking's golden age. A lean and long tank design, full-grain saddle seat, leading-link front suspension, and a powerful 250cc single-cylinder engine create a sense of connection with the motorcycle and road not found in any other production motorcycle today. Own one of the first next generation Halcyons. Customize & pre-order today.
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