Engineered for emotion

THE HALCYON 250 honors designs from American motorbiking’s golden age. A lean and long tank design, full-grain saddle seat, leading-link front suspension, and a powerful 250cc single-cylinder engine create a sense of connection with the motorcycle and road not found in any other production motorcycle today. 

THE HALCYON WAS OUR FIRST MODEL, and was designed as the perfect around-town cruiser or commuter. With its traditional lines and 1920’s styling, it was an instant success and turned Janus Motorcycles into a worldwide name in small displacement motorcycles. The Halcyon 250 adds to this pedigree an increase in horse power, torque, top speed, and the iconic look and sound of an air-cooled four-stroke.

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Hands-on American Craftsmanship

There's a lot of lip service paid to "handmade," but not every pair of hands has mastered the craft set before it. Working with our hand-picked, experienced welders and fabricators, we at Janus trust the few select hands that also have a direct role in each production motorcycle just as much—if not more—than our own. We work with consummate craftsmen at each step in the design & tooling process, ensuring quality and consistency.

The great majority of every motorcycle is made within a small radius of our Goshen shop.

The final assembly takes place at our downtown Goshen shop, with each tank hand-pinstriped, bars and suspension tuned, and engine and instruments fully tested and checked.

Janus 2-year Warranty

We've got your back. Janus motorcycles are covered with a 2-year powertrain warranty (unlimited miles), and a 2-year limited fender-to-fender warranty. We're small, and we're motivated to make every Janus owner a proud and happy one. We've built our bike in a way that's simple to understand and work on, and are available to talk through any concerns you may have. Each motorcycle comes with an owner's manual that outlines routine maintenance. Contact us for warranty fine print and information about service. 

Bulletproof Powerplant

While we appreciate the marvels of engineering that some high-performance modern motorcycles encapsulate, we also firmly believe that there’s a deep sense of satisfaction in using the simplest tool for the job before you.

We present the Janus 250 as the simplest solution to the challenge of getting at the root of motorcycling—freedom—on a daily basis. 

For that reason, we sought out what would be the simplest, most understandable, work-horse engine for our motorcycles. We arrived at a modern Honda derivative, 229cc single-cylinder power plant, made in one of the world’s most prolific engine manufacturing regions in Southwest China. It’s an upgrade on the classic Honda 250 single, with an added balance shaft for a smoother ride. For our lightweight motorcycles, we couldn’t find a simpler solution. And we think that’s best. 


Fat Trimmed. No Corners Cut.

You'd be hard-pressed to find anything superfluous on a Janus Halcyon 250. From the drawing board, we set out to eschew anything that didn't directly contribute to the joy of riding a Halcyon. We left off most of the things custom builders chop off. What's left is a motorcycle built from the ground up to marry form and function as closely as possibly, with a simplicity of style that stands the test of time.

built for the Experience



The experience of riding a Janus is unique among production motorcycles. Its lightweight and simple design provide a deeper sense of connection to the motorcycle and a more direct sensation of speed and agility than larger bikes built today. Not simply holding on and steering, a Janus owner is free to pilot the motorcycle, enjoying the sensation of utilizing the full power of the motorcycle without risking life and limb. 

Hand-formed Aluminum Tank

The centerpiece of our motorcycle's classic styling is its hand-formed aluminum tank. Not a replica, but inspired by the best of motorcycle design of the last century, the Halcyon tank is most directly-inspired by early board track racers and cruisers of the 20s and 30s. Hand-built and hand-welded aluminum, each tank is powder-coated, polished, and finally hand-pinstriped and branded.


For the many components we manufacture,  we have a bias towards stainless steel over chrome-plating. The Halcyon 250 is designed and built to stand the test of time.


Brandon - Halcyon #13

Everyone I met had questions and compliments about the bike. In fact, it was a bit hard to get back on the road at times.

I’m always looking for an adventure and motorbike travel is typically at the top of my list. When I ordered the Halcyon 250 from Janus Motorcycles I knew I wanted to have some type of adventure with it. I ordered the bike early, while Janus was still in the prototype stage, and was able to watch Richard and Devin develop a motorcycle I felt confident could make a long trip. After traveling from New Mexico to Indiana via one truck, two vans, two planes and two trains I arrived at the Janus shop where Richard and Devin presented me with the beautiful Halcyon 250. Before even sitting on it, I knew the motorcycle was up to the task. 

My plan was to ride from Goshen, Indiana to Harrisonville, Missouri, a trip that would take me approximately 655 miles across the American Heartland. After visiting the shop and having lunch with Richard and Devin, I hit the road. I planned my route through small towns across Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. Everyone I met had questions and compliments about the bike. In fact, it was a bit hard to get back on the road at times. Most people wanted to know if it was vintage. Some thought it was a Harley, others thought it was an Indian, and everyone loved it.

I rode past miles and miles of cornfields and soybean fields. I rode over the Illinois, the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. I rode in the sun and the rain (for 250 miles) and through it all, the Halcyon 250 did great! My journey across the Heartland was short but sweet! I traveled the distance in two days; 263 miles on day one and 390 miles day two. I safely met back up with my wife and kids in Missouri for our Fourth of July holiday where I enjoyed several shorter rides on the back roads of Missouri. We trailered the bike 795 miles back home to New Mexico a week later. 

Life has returned to normal and I’m back to dreaming up the next adventure on the Halcyon 250, a new American motorcycle!

My best,


options & upgrades

Halcyon Saddle Bags: $350
Hand Pin Stripe: $300
Number Plate: $75
Exhaust Polish: $185
Deluxe fuel tank $395
Deluxe Battery Box $100
Full LED Light Package $225
LED Headlight: $135
Book Rack : $125
Halcyon Pillion Seat & Passenger Pegs Combo (requires Book Rack) (+175)

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Type: Air-cooled, 4-stroke overhead valve single cylinder engine
Displacement: 229 cubic centimeters
Bore/Stroke: 67 x 65 millimeters
Compression ratio: 9.2:1
Carburation: 30mm round slide with accelerator pump
Lubrication: Splashing
Starting System: Kick and electric
Ignition: CDI
Final Drive: Chain
Clutch: Wet, multi-plate
Gearbox: 5-speed


Frame: DOM tubular steel cradle
Wheels: CNC machined aluminum hubs with alloy rims and 32 stainless steel spokes
Tires: Front 3.00 x 18, Back 3.50 x 18
Suspension: Proprietary dual progressive shock leading-link forks (front); hardtail with sprung seat (rear)
Brakes: Front dual piston hydraulic disc and rear single hydraulic piston
Instrumentation: Analog speedometer, odometer, turn indicator, and neutral light

PERFORMANCE, dimensions, & capacities

Maximum Power: 14 hp @ 7000 rpm • 11.65 foot-pounds @ 5500 rpm
Maximum Speed: 70mph
Fuel Efficiency: Estimated 75+mpg
Dimensions: 80’’ long & 31’’ wide
Height without mirrors: 41 inches
Seat Height: 31 inches
Wheelbase: 53 inches
Fuel Capacity: 2.4 gallons
Dry weight: 245 pounds

Customize & Order Your Halcyon



Janus Halcyon 250s are built to order to your exact specification. Placing a deposit or securing financing starts the production process. Call or email for a delivery estimate. Our second generation motorcycles offer more upgrades and a lower base price!

The 2nd generation Janus Halcyon 250 starts at $6595.
Delivery to the contiguous United States is $700.

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