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Introducing the Halcyon 450

The next hand-built classic

THE HALCYON 450 builds off the best of what’s come before, and the best of what we’ve done before. Built with the same values of our Halcyon 50 and 250 in mind: lightweight, classic, easy to ride, and easy to own.

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Our Motorcycles

Halcyon 450

Classic Motorcycling

Halcyon 250

Classic Motorcycling

Classic style • Designed & Hand-built in Goshen, IN • Lightweight & Quick •  2021 Model Year: $7495

Gryffin 250

The everyday escape

Classic style • Designed & Hand-built in Goshen, IN • Lightweight & Quick • 2021 Model Year: $7895

Phoenix 250

Simply Thrilling

Classic style • Designed & Hand-built in Goshen, IN • Lightweight & Quick • 2021 Model Year: $7895

Why Janus Motorcycles?

Part One: Small Bikes

Let’s get right to the burning question on social media: “Why is it only a 250?”

Let us answer that question with another question: “When was the last time you redlined your 15,000cc cruiser in 5th gear?” or “How often do you go 120mph?” In other words, we set out to build a bike that would be perfectly sized for the vast majority of the riding we love to do....

Why Janus Motorcycles?

Part Two: Small Business

Janus Motorcycles is—in some respects—a small business out of necessity (just like any start-up manufacturer), and while we’re growing and growing, we’re not married to the idea of un-ending growth. Part of what makes us excited to do what we do each day is that each member of our small team has their hands on our motorcycles and a connection with our customers....

Why Janus Motorcycles?

Part Three: Classic is Current

Janus Motorcycles are, simply put, made to stand the test of time. From our manufacturing standards, to our choice of motor (which we’ll come to later in the series), to our style, we want to build a product that will look great and perform wonderfully for many many years. When it comes to design, we believe the best way to ensure that is to adopt a classic design....

Why Janus Motorcycles?

Part Four: The Best Tool for the Job

We use an imported motor. We get a lot of questions about it! So, let’s dig in. Our motor is imported from mainland China, which is incidentally the same place your smartphone, toaster, and components for your neighbor’s Harley Davidson, or your other neighbor’s Honda may have come from. ...

Why Janus Motorcycles?

Part Five: What are you paying for?

We, as a small business, operate in the global economy, and the motorcycle market is full of massive manufacturers that make incredible products at a low price. How do we compete? In a competitive market, our size—both in CC’s and units shipped—helps us make our customers happy and our motorcycles uniquely remarkable… and also more expensive....

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"Can't wait till spring arrives to hop back on"

The guys at Janus are great. I had a couple of small issues that they immediately took care of and went above and beyond any expectations. The bike performs flawlessly and I have to say I get more attention on this thing than any car, bike or scooter I've ever ridden. Thanks, guys!

Christian, Phoenix #010 Wabash, IN