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pure and simple

A simpler vision of motorcycling from the heartland

three unique models from the heartland

Halcyon 250

The Halcyon 250 honors designs from American motorbiking’s golden age. A lean and long tank design, full-grain saddle seat, leading-link front suspension, and a powerful 250cc single-cylinder engine create a sense of connection with the motorcycle and road not found in any other production motorcycle today. 

Gryffin 250

NEW! The GRYFFIN 250 is a lightweight, controllable, simple scrambler. It's powered appropriately for what dual-sport motorcycles are best at—joy rides through the country to your favorite dirt roads and trails, then back home on late-night zips through the city. Its size and power make it a welcome return to simple two-wheeled thrill-seeking for even the most seasoned of riders.

Phoenix 250

Built with the cafè racer in mind, the PHOENIX 250 takes its styling cues from Grand Prix motorcycles of the 50s and 60s. Constructed around the signature Janus “featherbed” chassis, which was inspired by Norton Manxes of the 1950’s, the Phoenix is our take on a more aggressive look with a focus on handling and performance.

Why Janus Motorcycles?

Learn about how and why we do what we do in our small company:


Part one: Small bikes

Janus Motorcycles are designed to give you, the rider, as much thrill as possible in your everyday riding.


Part two: Small business

When you become a Janus owner, you get a different experience than you do from any other manufacturer.


Part three: Classic is Current

Janus Motorcycles are, simply put, made to stand the test of time.

Read the entire 5-part series:

Janus 250 series Prototyping & Production

Janus 250 Prototyping series

We began designing and prototyping our 250 series in early 2015. Watch the process from the very beginning!

Janus 250 production series

Even after the prototypes were complete, and production processes were in place, we've continued to make improvements. See what's next!

What People are Saying

A bike that conjures up the joy of motorcycling isn’t the sharply-aerodynamic, grossly-overpowered modern motorcycle; it’s a bike like the pared-down Halcyon or Phoenix that creates an experience for the rider, an evocation of a simpler time.
— The Wilkinson Brothers, Goodspark Garage

Janus came to Union Garage NYC with a handful of bikes - way too much fun was had. We took a quick spin around Redhook...
— Ducati NYC Vlog

2018 EVENTS & Discovery days

At Janus Motorcycles HQ in Goshen, IN
In-depth shop tour, coffee, test rides, and lunch included!

• March 17, 2018
• April 7, 2018




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