What makes a janus motorcycle different?

classic, time-tested style

The Halcyon 250 is no replica, but its design is inspired by the some of the best in motorcycling history. Starting with the classic featherbed frame, the Halcyon eschews extra plastic and bodywork while taking classic styling cues from the early American and British traditions and board-track racers. Our builders’ touch is noticeable throughout, from the hand-formed aluminum tank, to the hand-bent and welded frame, to the pinstripes. 

Understated, vintage, classic… call it what you will, the Halcyon 250 has one-of-a-kind style.

appropriate POWER for the job

Small, lightweight motorcycles have distinct advantages over the over-powered, unwieldy, and large motorcycles that are so popular today. The Halcyon weighs 245 pounds, has a full proprietary suspension, heavy steel construction, and nothing superfluous. Our single-cylinder 229cc motor provides the get-up-and-go the nimble Halcyon needs, provides excellent fuel efficiency, and gives riders the pleasure of riding their motorcycle at or near it’s maximum power every day, without risking life or limb. Modern disc brakes and stainless brake lines provide incredible stopping power.

The result is a perfect pairing of size and power that gives riders exactly what they need for the kind of riding they love most.

small-shop exclusivity & accessibility

You don’t need loud pipes to turn heads with the Halcyon 250. The Halcyon 250 is built by our small team of builders and craftsmen in America’s heartland, one-at-a-time, to your specification, in small batches. We’ve built our business around keeping the human element in each motorcycle, merging the best of custom building with modern manufacturing. The result is a motorcycle that avoids the quirks and pitfalls of custom one-offs, but retains its one-of-a-kind soul in a market of one-of-a-million machines. Have a question? Need some help? Talk to the people who design, build, and test each motorcycle (that's us).

Heart and soul are built into every Halcyon 250 in our exclusive, small-batch, hands-on process.

Starting at $6595 or $140/MO. Order now or call (574) 538-1350 for test rides, events, and reserving yours: