Across America on a Janus

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Across America on a Janus Motorcycle – Part 6

Curious about riding a Janus Motorcycle cross country? Read on in this 6th installment in a series of posts detailing a 6-day Halcyon 250 trip across the US. In the footsteps of the first person to cross the continent on a motorized vehicle: George Wyman. To catch the start of the journey, check out our…

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Across America on a Janus Motorcycle – Part 3

OVER THE SIERRAS AND ACROSS THE GREAT DESERTS On Monday May 26th, I woke up at 5:00am with all but my riding gear packed and ready to go in the panniers. My riding gear consisted of a two-piece armored textile suit, under which I wore my LDComfort base layers. A dual-sport helmet, riding boots, armored…

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Across America on a Janus Motorcycle – Part 1

PREPARATION:   Over the past two years we have been visited here at Janus by a strange motorcyclist, fully geared up on his 1200cc Bavarian steed with many upgrades and “farkles” as they are termed in the adventure and sport touring motorcycling world. Farkle is a portmanteau of function and sparkle, and is also claimed to…

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