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250 Engine Character – It’s feel good news!

“250 Engine Character” – It’s feel good news! By Tom Neel – Halcyon #568   Much has been said about the Janus 250 engine. Unfortunately, possibly more by those who haven’t even ridden one, or have done so very little.  I’m here to educate the open minded of us who realize engine character is as…

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The One Week Break-In

“The One Week Break-in” By Tom Neel – Halcyon #568   Halcyon #568 arrived early morning on a sunny but chilly January 23rd 2021. Janus delivery and serviceman Woody Shoemaker, and I rolled the wine red time machine down the short ramp and instantly struck up a conversation like we’d known each other all our…

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Janus Takes California

Great news: we’ve received our California Air Resource Board (CARB) approval. Our motorcycles are now available for registration in California! The CARB testing process happened concurrently with our EPA testing, but it was a wholly different test. CARB certification is largely interested in limiting evaporative emissions, so any possible outlet for un-combusted gasoline (fuel cap,…

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Richard’s Cross-Country Trip on a Halcyon 250

Richard Worsham, co-founder of Janus Motorcycles, departs Monday, May 28th on a cross country trip from San Francisco to New York City on a Halcyon 250. He, along with a handful of other riders, are duplicating the historic trip that George Wyman, the first person to cross the contiguous US on a motorized vehicle, took in…

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