Welcome to Janus Motorcycles!

We are a small business that hand-manufactures motorcycles with classic style, bulletproof power, and a thrilling, lightweight ride experience. We build to order and ship direct from our small factory in Goshen, Indiana.

Watch the video to learn more.

designed & built for enjoyment

Lightweight & easy to ride

All three of our classic models weigh around 265 pounds and provide a controllable but capable power-to-weight ratio and a confidence-inspiring ride experience.


Designed by our co-founders to honor the highpoints of motorcycling history and carry on the tradition of the beautiful pairing of form and function that motorcycles are capable of showcasing.

Bulletproof power & easy maintenance

Quite possibly the simplest and stoutest small engine in manufacturing today, all Janus models utilize an engine that was designed for serious use and abuse in all conditions.

Beyond our bulletproof power-plant, we’ve designed our bikes to age gracefully and be easy to maintain for decades. Stainless steel, anodized aluminum, easy-to-access electronics and engine components, and more highlight our mission to create an easy-to-maintain machine.

how it works

1. Kit your Bike

Learn about our three models and choose the one for you. Browse our color and kit options, or speak with one of us at Janus for assistance!

2. Place your deposit

A $995 deposit gets your hand-built motorcycle started in production! Each bike is built-to-order by our small team in Indiana.

3. Watch it come to life

We send progress photos of your motorcycle being built, keep you updated with progress, and schedule your pickup or shipping!

4. We Ship to you!

We deliver the motorcycle to your doorstep, gas in tank and key in hand. Registrable in all 50 states. We support our motorcycles with a 2-year warranty and “second to none customer service”!