the heart of our machines


Our imported engines are the best tool for the job we ask them to do. They provide reliable, consistent power to our motorcycles. There's nothing flashy about them, yet they've stood up to our rigourous (see: abusive) testing and passed EPA certification with flying colors. They're simple to maintain. They're understandable. They'll still run in event of a solar-flare-induced electromagnetic pulse. And when paired with our nimble, beautiful chassis, they provide much enjoyment for the riding we love to do most.


We turn a critical eye towards new technology because much of it doesn't serve our mission of providing an enjoyable, thrilling, and simple two-wheeled experience. In fact, sometimes extra connectivity and gadgetry even reduce our enjoyment of the ride. We look for a sense of disconnection from life's stresses and a greater sense of presence and connection with the world around us when we ride. If a feature helps us achieve that, we implement it in our motorcycles.


When paired with a simple power plant and a conservative view towards the spec sheet and feature set, the tactile form—the touch and feel—of a motorcycle is enhanced. We make machines that thrilling and enjoyable to ride and are beautiful to behold and ride. The enjoyment that comes from intrinsically understanding the simple operation of an engine, witnessing the leather seat break in and become more comfortable over time, or gaining a deep sense of trust in the motorcycle's response to the road are all deeply satisfying experiences to us.