Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where can I test ride and see a Janus Motorcycle?

In part, we're able to do what we do here because we don't have a large dealer network and massive inventory. Our motorcycles are made to order, exactly the way you want it. That also means that the primary place to try a Janus Motorcycle is at our shop in Goshen, Indiana. We have frequent Discovery Days, which includes a shop tour, test rides, BBQ & Beer, and more, or you can call and arrange a time during the week to try out any of our models. We love having guests—both out-of-town and local, and love showing off our small operation in our beloved small town. 

2. How long does it take to get my motorcycle?

Our current lead time is approximately 8-12 weeks from order to completion (shipping- or pickup-ready). When we verify your order details, we make arrangements for your primary components to be finished in your chosen color scheme. Once those are completed, Kelly will add finishing details, pin-striping, and logos. We'll ensure all of your sub-assemblies are complete. Ryan will pick all of your components and assemble the motorcycle. Cameron will test ride it, perform our diagnostic analysis on the exhaust system, and detail it. Devin will certify it. Jaclyn will be in touch regarding shipping or pickup arrangements. Shipping time depends on your location and can vary from 1-3 weeks in addition to the 8-12 week completion time. 

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3. How do I service & maintain my motorcycle?

Our motorcycles are designed to be simple to understand and work on. We encourage our owners to perform their own routine maintenance and get to know their motorcycles. We believe that knowing your machine deepens the enjoyment of riding. We have an ever-growing YouTube channel of maintenance videos, and if there's something you don't know how to do or don't want to do, we can help you learn, or help you find a local garage that will service our motorcycles. We offer a 2-year fender-to-fender warranty, and will reimburse or pay any necessary warranty work. We do require that a Janus representative diagnose any issues before any reimbursable warranty service takes place. 

We want our riders to feel comfortable, safe, and happy while riding their motorcycles, and want our riders to be riding!

We can only help if we hear from our riders. Call or email if you have any concerns or questions!

4. What's the range and MPG of our motorcycles?

All Janus models have about a 2 gallon tank (see product pages for exact specifications), and while the EPA rated our MPG in the 70+ range, we routinely get 50-65 MPG. It's a good idea to have your next gas stop in mind every 100 miles.

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5. Am I too big for a Janus?

Janus Motorcycles are lightweight, small displacement motorcycles, but that does not mean they are mini-bikes. Our co-founder Richard is 6-foot-6 and rode from San Francisco to Brooklyn in 6 days on a Halcyon. The Halcyon has a 30'' seat height, the Phoenix has a 32'' seat height, and the Gryffin comes in at 33''. We have plenty of big and tall customers that love our motorcycles, and there's plenty of power left in our motor to get our lightweight frame and riders of any size up to cruising speed.

6. Am I too small for a Janus?

Janus Motorcycles have a tall seat height, but being lightweight, small-displacement motorcycles, they're easy even for petite riders to hold up. Our riders report that even on the balls of their feet, they feel perfectly comfortable at stop lights, on inclines, and moving through traffic. We offer a lowering kit for the Phoenix, which reduces the shock length by 1''. The Halcyon is the easiest model to throw a leg over.

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7. Can I carry passengers on my Janus motorcycle?

Yes. We offer two types of pillion seats (with passenger pegs) for the Halcyon: a bolt-on foam pillion that works in concert with the book rack (if you carry cargo as often or more often than people), and a stand-alone fully sprung pillion seat (if you carry people more often than cargo). The Phoenix has an optional double seat and passenger peg add-on. Taking passengers on you Janus is a great idea for shorter joy rides. We encourage our riders to be aware of the change in weight distribution and center of gravity that comes doubling your payload, and emphatically encourage all passengers and riders to wear protective gear. Never ride beyond your comfort level.

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8. What's the story with the Janus engine?

At Janus, we design and build motorcycles that embody the spirit of two-wheeled travel: freedom, simplicity, thrills, and pure enjoyment. We need an engine that supports and amplifies that spirit, and doesn't encumber or complicate our design or our riding experience. We need an engine that is simple and understandable, reliable, and provides ample power to accomplish our goals. We've found that solution in our 229cc air-cooled, single-cylinder, 2-valve, pushrod motor from our manufacturer in China. It's one of the most popular and widely used engine designs in the world, is tried-and-true, and is readily available. Our engine does not have an American retail name or availability (it may look like certain motors you can buy "off the shelf," but currently, you cannot). Maintenance is simple—on spark plug, one carburetor, two valve adjustments, and a quick oil change process. Operation is straightforward. It passed EPA certification with flying colors, which ensures its working stability over 9,000 km of testing. If you're skeptical about its provenance, we implore you: "Come try it!"

9. Where do you make everything?

Here and there. Click to learn more!

10. Can I get one with a sidecar?

Not yet, from the Janus factory, at least. If you're dreaming of sidecars, there are many aftermarket suppliers that can fit a sidecar to your motorcycle for you. While we're exploring the idea, we currently do not build Janus motorcycles with factory-installed sidecars. Stay tuned.

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11. Can you customize my motorcycle with a _____________?

Company logo? Yes, but not to replace Janus branding.
Custom number plate? Yes.
Custom primary color? Yes, for a fee (we test and prototype every custom powdercoat color)
Custom secondary color? Yes, for a fee (we test and prototype every custom pinstripe color)
Raw metal finish? No. 
Different engine? No.
Frame modification? No.
Can you buy "just" a frame, tank, etc? Yes, but all frames come with engines attached, and all fuel tanks come with frame and engine attached.

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12. Can you ship to California?

13. Can you ship internationally?

Contact us.

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14. Have a question that we didn't answer here?

Call us: 574-538-1350 or CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US.

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