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Janus Rides Ep. 2 | Where is Millersburg?

It’s a gorgeous day to hop on a Janus motorcycle, let’s ride! Find out where the guys are headed today in Episode 2 of Janus Rides. A couple of weeks ago, Jordan and I (Josiah) went for a motorcycle ride without really knowing where we’re going. Oftentimes, I find this to be some of the…

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Jay Leno Features Janus!

Jay Leno features Janus Motorcycles, read on! On Sunday, February 16th, 2020, an extended feature on Janus Motorcycles was published on Jay Leno’s popular YouTube channel, “Jay Leno’s Garage.” Janus co-founders Richard Worsham and Devin Biek were invited to visit Mr. Leno’s garage and film studio in Burbank, California in December 2019. Mr. Leno interviewed…

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Across America on a Janus Motorcycle – Part 6

Curious about riding a Janus Motorcycle cross country? Read on in this 6th installment in a series of posts detailing a 6-day Halcyon 250 trip across the US. In the footsteps of the first person to cross the continent on a motorized vehicle: George Wyman. To catch the start of the journey, check out our…

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Bulletproof: The Heritage of the Janus 250 Motorcycle Engine

We get a lot of questions about our engines. Why so small? Why not made in the US? Why air-cooled? Why carbureted? It all started with a 50cc motorcycle… read on!   Let’s start off with the question of small displacement. Just about everything we do at Janus is based on our personal riding experience….

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Custom vs. Production

This piece was originally published as a comment on Paul Crowe’s website, The Kneeslider titled, “We Don’t kneed Any More Custom Motorcycles, We Need More Prototypes” in December 2015. It has been edited to make sense on it’s own, but the original article and comments are well worth the read. Janus holds an interesting place in the motorcycle industry…

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On the Flying Dutchmen

I’d like to say a few words about the Flying Dutchmen documentary film now available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. The film is about a successful Elkhart County entrepreneur and the heartwarming story of his thoughtful gift to his friend and mentor, Daryl Zook. Daryl has played a central rôle in the life of Jon…

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Across America on a Janus Motorcycle – Part 3

OVER THE SIERRAS AND ACROSS THE GREAT DESERTS On Monday May 26th, I woke up at 5:00am with all but my riding gear packed and ready to go in the panniers. My riding gear consisted of a two-piece armored textile suit, under which I wore my LDComfort base layers. A dual-sport helmet, riding boots, armored…

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