Rediscover what made you fall in love...

...with backroads, Saturday morning wrenching, afternoon adventures. Hopping from cafè to cafè and meeting new people wherever you park. Accelerating out of a corner, revving out your bike.

You didn't start riding because of a spec sheet. Motorcycles have gotten faster, larger, heavier, more technologically complex, but is that progress when you're looking for a simple way to get lost? We started riding and wrenching to get lost in the ride, for thrills and freedom, and to feel connected to our machines. 

Janus Motorcycles reconnect riders of all skill levels with two wheeled-machines and the road. They're simple machines, and understandable to ride and own. They're made to max out and have a blast on without risking life and limb. 

Sound like your kind of ride? Give the video below a watch, then drop us a line about signing up for a Discovery Day or reserving your spot in one of our batches.


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