Everyone I met had questions and compliments about the bike. In fact, it was a bit hard to get back on the road at times.


I rode past miles and miles of cornfields and soybean fields. I rode over the Illinois, the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. I rode in the sun and the rain (for 250 miles) and through it all, the Halcyon 250 did great! My journey across the Heartland was short but sweet! I traveled the distance in two days; 263 miles on day one and 390 miles day two. I safely met back up with my wife and kids in Missouri for our Fourth of July holiday where I enjoyed several shorter rides on the back roads of Missouri. We trailered the bike 795 miles back home to New Mexico a week later. 

Life has returned to normal and I’m back to dreaming up the next adventure on the Halcyon 250, a new American motorcycle!


The bike performs flawlessly and I have to say I get more attention on this thing than any car, bike or scooter I’ve ever ridden.


I've always been a scooter guy, vintage, new it didn't matter.  I loved making small things go faster and loved the look - especially of my 1964 Vespa VBB 150.  There haven't been many times when I haven't had something on 2-wheels in my garage, until last year.  I had to end up selling my vintage Vespa reluctantly, but knew I would eventually buy another as soon as I could.  Fast forward to almost a year and a half later... I started searching for Vespas again, but accidentally stumbled across the Janus Motorcycles Facebook page that a few of my friends had "liked" and as I started researching them more, I knew that I had to have a Phoenix 250.  It looked different than any other bike, plus it was small, nimble and the speeds on it seemed just about right for me. 

...I immediately fell in love with the Phoenix.  I left Josiah a deposit for the cream one that night and they delivered it to my house in a couple days.  I immediately started riding that weekend and have been riding as much as possible ever since.  In fact I have put over 1500 miles on it in just a few short months of owning it.

...The guys at Janus are great.  I had a couple small issues that they immediately took care of and went above and beyond any expectations.  The bike performs flawlessly and I have to say I get more attention on this thing than any car, bike or scooter I've ever ridden.  I can't wait til spring arrives to hop back on and put another 1500 miles on it.  Thanks guys!

- Christian