Brandon - Halcyon #13

Everyone I met had questions and compliments about the bike. In fact, it was a bit hard to get back on the road at times.

I’m always looking for an adventure and motorbike travel is typically at the top of my list. When I ordered the Halcyon 250 from Janus Motorcycles I knew I wanted to have some type of adventure with it. I ordered the bike early, while Janus was still in the prototype stage, and was able to watch Richard and Devin develop a motorcycle I felt confident could make a long trip. After traveling from New Mexico to Indiana via one truck, two vans, two planes and two trains I arrived at the Janus shop where Richard and Devin presented me with the beautiful Halcyon 250. Before even sitting on it, I knew the motorcycle was up to the task. 

My plan was to ride from Goshen, Indiana to Harrisonville, Missouri, a trip that would take me approximately 655 miles across the American Heartland. After visiting the shop and having lunch with Richard and Devin, I hit the road. I planned my route through small towns across Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. Everyone I met had questions and compliments about the bike. In fact, it was a bit hard to get back on the road at times. Most people wanted to know if it was vintage. Some thought it was a Harley, others thought it was an Indian, and everyone loved it.

I rode past miles and miles of cornfields and soybean fields. I rode over the Illinois, the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. I rode in the sun and the rain (for 250 miles) and through it all, the Halcyon 250 did great! My journey across the Heartland was short but sweet! I traveled the distance in two days; 263 miles on day one and 390 miles day two. I safely met back up with my wife and kids in Missouri for our Fourth of July holiday where I enjoyed several shorter rides on the back roads of Missouri. We trailered the bike 795 miles back home to New Mexico a week later. 

Life has returned to normal and I’m back to dreaming up the next adventure on the Halcyon 250, a new American motorcycle!

My best,