the essence of motorcycling


Riding and owning a motorcycle can be mystifying and daunting at times. We simplified it. We ditched the "biker baggage". Our motorcycles are simple, modern, lightweight machines. And they're designed to do what exactly what motorcycles are supposed to do: be a blast to ride and a joy to own. No pretense. No bluster.

2. Heartland-built


Designed and built in Goshen, Indiana, Janus Motorcycles are a true 21st century product. We rely on direct-to-consumer production, hyper-local fabrication & craftsmanship, and the best of what the global marketplace has to offer our unique motorbikes. 


Janus motorcycles are not replicas, but rather build on a rich tradition of design and craft from our tradition's best. Call it vintage, call it retro, call it whatever you'd like: Janus motorcycles are unlike any new production motorcycle available today.